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"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Nuf' Said.


Dodge Family #2 by Tradigital4RT
Dodge Family #2
So here are the final two of the Dodge family!!Umi Cheering Icon Pikachu cheer Chinatsu Yoshikawa (Good Job) [V3] 


(Left) Dart Dodge: Dart is the oldest of the five siblings. He's also the shortest, at around 5'2". He's really sweet and cares well for others, always putting his family needs before his own. Dart loves to talk about random topics and his smile is always the brightest. He's also very smart and can wiggle his way through pretty much anything. When in his car, Dart cares most about his compact and small space, but no so much about speed. Dart is super picky on safety and doesn't usually find himself racing alongside his other siblings that often. AUTOMATIC

(Right) Viper Dodge: Viper is the second youngest in the Dodge family. She's really snarky and has a rough attitude pertaining to the loss of her only other sister, Avenger, whom she was very close to and felt the need to keep herself alive and safe more when she was around. After Avenger died, Viper's perspective changed and now is more reckless on the road. Viper finds it hard to talk to others about her problems, if she has any, and she doesn't open up much about anything. Her height gives her the advantage of feeling confident and others usually feel intimidated around her. When in her car, all Viper cares about is speed and racing. With her V10 engine, she's owns the fastest car in the family and always wins in street racing. Because of her lack of responsibility on the road, Viper memorized the coordinates and schedules of the police patrol in the city so that she could race even during the day and not get caught. STICK-SHIFT

I do 
NOT allow others to take and use my pictures unless you personally note me.

Program used: Paper, graphite
The Dodge Family by Tradigital4RT
The Dodge Family
so my favorite car, and it has been for a while, is a Dodge Charger 2014 and I had a friend who loved the Dodge Challenger (we decided that they'd be brother cars) after a few years of really thinking about who these cars represented and their personalities, I came to the conclusion that these two cars (and others of course) are siblings all fighting for speed... and horse power...Muajajaja..How funny..Onion 
To give you a better outlook on these cats, here are backgrounds for three of the five siblings of the Dodge Family:

(Left) Avenger Dodge: Avenger was born in 1995, being the youngest of the five siblings. She's very pretty with a high self-esteem and loves her brothers for their rambunctiousness and loud actions. She's caring and determined, yet finds it hard to motivate others for their passions and dreams. EDIT: Avenger is very close with her sister, Viper, and they always drive out of the city together for bonding moments. When in her car, Avenger cares for comfort and mobility, as well as her strong V6 engine. She later dies and remains in her siblings hearts on the road. EDIT: AUTOMATIC

(Middle) Charger Dodge: Charger was born in 1966, being the second oldest. He usually acts like a know-it-all and a tool towards his siblings and other surrounding people. Despite his attitude and short temper, Charger is intelligent with numbers and can get his way around logic. He finds it difficult to console others unless it's his sisters. When in his car, Charger cares for his ridiculously powerful engine (V8) and the muscle-mass exterior that shows off his own muscles *wink wink* EDIT: STICK-SHIFT

(Right) Challenger Dodge: Challenger was born in 1970, being the third oldest. He contains a calm and reserved attitude unless provoked and aggitated, then in which his fuse can blow a bomb. He doesn't find himself book smart but his survival skills have gotten himself out of trouble before. Challenger finds it hard to do one thing for too long without getting bored or tired of it quickly. When in his car, Challenger cares for his too ridiculously powerful horsepower and V8 engine, including the small interior that makes him feel safe and contained. He often finds himself racing Charger through the city streets since their engines are the same build. EDIT: STICK-SHIFT

EDIT: all designs are based on the 2014 build of the car

There are two more siblings that are yet to come, Dart and Viper, but I'll be posting those shortly!! As for now, enjoy some car-liciousness Them eyebrows 

I do NOT allow others to take and use my pictures unless you personally note me.

Program used: Paper, graphite
4 Chances by Tradigital4RT
4 Chances
I have a friend who looks just like this Haruka Saigusa (Shy) [V3] tho irl she has short, bobbed hair. BUT! I love the long hair too! She gave me inspiration to draw digitally again, since I've been in a slump, and I honestly can't thank her enoughShy 

I do NOT allow others to take and use my pictures unless you personally note me.

Program used: Clip Studio Paint
Day Two of School by Tradigital4RT
Day Two of School
Day 2 of outfit.

I do NOT allow others to take and use my pictures unless you personally note me.

Program used: Paper, graphite

The Fork Queen by Tradigital4RT
The Fork Queen
the fork queen is queen of all! I did this pic for a friend, tho it looks much better colored. Sadly, I don't have it anymore so I redrew it! I know it's bad quality, please forgive me!!! >.<

I do 
NOT allow others to take and use my pictures unless you personally note me.

Program used: Paper, graphite
So I've been saving up money since September 2015 for a round way ticket to Japan. Believe me, many people have told me that it's crazy! "You'll never get there..."

Go jump off a cliff people who tell me that ish!

So my initial goal was $500 and when I reached that goal I'd grow it to $1000 and I just passed all of the important holidays like my birthday and stuff and I currently now have $530, $30 over my initial goal. Guess it's back to the drawing board for that thousand moola I'm slowly gatherin' (vvvveeeerrrryyyy sssslllloooowwwlllyyyy)

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Full Body OC Commissions
COMMISSION: Tsukiihana's Rin Kasai by Tradigital4RT
Commission for Themskenobi: Game ON! by Tradigital4RT
Shiro and Nezelii COMMISSION by Tradigital4RT
These commissions show the OC in full body or 3/4 full body (knees and down).
Colored: $30.00
Black and White: $25.00
Backgrounds cost $2.00 more

One character: price of colored or black and white
Two or more characters: $2.00 for every added person


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